We have access to an extensive panel of lenders which provide loan facilities for Self-Managed Superannuation Funds which wish to borrow to invest in either residential or commercial property.

So what are the main benefits of buying property within Super?

  • The rental income on the property held in Super is taxed at only 15%. Outside Super tax is as high as 45%.
  • After retirement rental income becomes tax free for properties held within Super.
  • Capital gains on properties within Super is 0% post retirement. Outside Super this can be as high as 45%.
  • Another advantage is the ability to leverage: you put down the deposit and cost using the funds in your Super, the rest can be borrowed against the property. This allows you to buy a much larger asset than you could, if you were relying on the Super funds alone.
  •  You don’t have to find a deposit for your investment property, because you already have money in super.
  •  Because you are already getting Super injections from your employer, you are able to grow your fund balance without cutting into your household budget.
  •  There is also an opportunity to personally contribute extra funds into your Super very tax effectively, which is a great option for self employed and also opened for PAYG employees.